Monday, December 17, 2007


Huffenpuff is the latest addition to our little family. He's a bright green home nebulizer. He came with stickers. We signed the papers very early on Sunday morning at the Children's of Minneapolis emergency room. Huffenpuff's adjustment to our home has been a little rocky. He's loud and he puffs a lot. He's eager to make friends with FiG but it's clear she's really just putting up with him because it makes us so happy. We keep trying to get them togehter, but she only plays along for a little while. And only if there are cartoons to watch.

FiG has a virus. There's no point in testing for RSV or some other named virus because there's no treatment. We took her to the ER because she was wheezing and it was clear she was having trouble breathing well. 5 hours, a chest x-ray, and a home medical device later she is on the mend. We are hoping that all of us are healthy to travel next Saturday.

While we were waiting in the basement of the hospital at the overnight pharmacy, there were 5 other parents who walked down the hall with the same nebulizer box. But their kids were much younger than FiG. One mom was there by herself with her newborn. I was very thankful to not be there on my own that night.


Auntly H said...


I had a history of being sick every Christmas of my youth. I hope FiG isn't picking up that tradition. It bites. And it would be a double wammy to be sick for her b-day every year.

Snowdog1967 said...

Trey had RSV as an infant (like at 5 1/2 months) We have a nebulizer, but thankfully we've not had to use it in over a year. Last Winter, he had a cold that turned into wheezing type cough, but some treatments fixed it (not nebulizer, but ihnaler, which isn't fun with a toddler)

Treden said...

I hope that FiG is getting better with every puff. See cartoons are good for something.

Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I don't post very often but I have one too.

Christie said...

Aw for little fig! Hop she's feeling better soon and that you guys will be able to travel with no problems!

Christie said...

Oh now sorry to hear that FIG isn't feeling well. Hope she's on the road to recovery and that you guys will be able to travel with out problems this weekend! And Happy B-day to her!!!! I have a little gift for her will send with A tomorrow.

Heather said...

You all are a tough crew! Hang in there!! Giving nebs to babies... not my favorite thing.