Saturday, November 26, 2011


2011 marks the third year in a row in which we have moved over Thanksgiving weekend. This one is different because it wasn't our choice. But we can't fault our landlord for wanting to move out of his kid's house and back into his own. It just would have been nice to not have to change our address on everything for the third year in a row!

Friends welcomed us into their home and family for a Thanksgiving feast. It was just the break we needed from moving and cleaning. And since this move prevented our own family trip east to be with my family, it was nice to sit around a crowded family table, pass plates around, and listen to the kids and parents tell separate versions of the same stories. The table was beautiful and the food was excellent. But I think my favorite part was that there were so many people crammed around the table that we were hip t0 hip in chairs from all over the house and patio. It was a "more is merrier" table that I am thankful my little family unit was able to be a part of.

We like the new house. Our stuff is everywhere, but that's to be expected. The house is a little smaller than the one we just finished cleaning today but it's in a nice neighborhood in a good school zone and it's clean and it has lots of closets and it has a back yard. I'm already planning our first party.....a 4-year old's 5th birthday coming up in 3 weeks.

Our neighbors on the left put up holiday lights this year. It's quite the display and they have at least another day's worth of work before it's done. Makes me think of this pic I found on Facebook a few days ago:

We'll get there. First we have to decide where the major pieces of furniture will live. We think we need to swap the living and dining rooms from where we told the movers to place things. You didn't think we'd do it any other way, did you Max?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture? I think not.

We got a last minute invitation to go to dinner with two couples, one of which we've known almost as long as we have been here and are about to say goodbye to (they're moving to New York). I call a friend and coworker to babysit. She's in. House cleaning frenzy - GO.

45 minutes before the sitter is scheduled to arrive, she calls. Her cat is puking up blood and has a cracked tooth. A quick vet visit later and the cat has a serious infection in its gum and needs to have the tooth pulled. Problem is the cat is almost 17 and has asthma so surgery isn't an easy option. Yikes.

Quick call to NY-bound friends....can't make it. Rain check soon please?

I didn't shave my legs and put on mascara for nothing. Fiona, go put on matching clothes. We're going out to dinner. As one of our favorite places to enjoy a family meal out, Settebello in The District never fails us. The special tonight was the Raphael with salame, basil, and roasted onions. Yum. Then we went to the Carousel for a ride. Or four. Free all summer. Sweet!

We had previously made the decision to forgo the gelato at Settebello and hit Ben & Jerry's instead. Fiona got her vanilla cone and we were happy to stroll through the shopping village. There was music; it was getting louder. Oh, look. Bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles. Fiona actually stopped in her tracks and leaned backwards to make sure she saw what she thought she saw. BUBBLES!

And dancing green lights. And kids. And....and....and a man giving out free bead necklaces. Preschooler heaven on earth. Fiona found the girl that was sitting at the table next to ours at Settebello. We did the adult thing and introduced ourselves to her parents while the girls ran all over the place. Hi. Are you originally from here? Do you have favorite playgrounds in the area? Do you come here often?

The dads indulged the girls with spinning and lots of Ring Around the Rosy. A thought ran through my head.....I hope we don't have to leave in tears again. The last time we left the dancing and music there was a meltdown. Another girl was practicing her cartwheels. All I saw was her foot whack my kid's face and two girls crash to the ground. Anthony rescued her from the play area and brought her to me. And then there was blood. Fiona had her first bloody nose. Awwww....her first bwoody nose....

Anthony has left the scene to gather paper towels from the restroom. I turn to follow and...oh..god...what is that warm.....PUKE! all down the left side of my body. And we're walking.....puking....walking.....bleeding.....all that fussing about not getting pizza sauce on her dress seems a bit ridiculous now. The other mom whom we just met followed us to the girls room to make sure Fiona was alright. She had wet wipes in her purse. Good woman. I would have asked if we could trade numbers if I wasn't covered in vomit. Hi. Can we be friends? I don't usually smell like this.

We get to the car and there's no way I'm sitting in a wet pukey shirt all the way home. The teenagers making out in front of REI won't mind if I take my shirt off in the parking lot. Like I care at this point. It's one of those moments when giving a shit about what other people think goes out the window because it's more important to minimize the spreading of the puke stink. I already happen to know how hard it is to get that special kind of stink out of a seatbelt.

Fiona did really well considering she got clocked in the face. She got a quick shower and a dose of Advil before passing out in the bed that she is making by herself these days (high five to Gran-E on that!).

At the end of the day, we have a clean house, we did not have to go to the emergency room, we did some serious family bonding, and we have a working washing machine. All's well that ends well. Or something.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I need a little writing therapy tonight. I've been a little too wrapped up in my own life lately. This week hit me like a ton of bricks.

A woman at my work passed away yesterday. We found out she was on life support on Monday. She went in for foot surgery and ended up brain dead. Rumor has it she had a stroke. During or after surgery is debated. But she was in her 50s and had been with the company for 6 years. I didn't know her very well but this is one of those moments that makes all the crap we complain about at the office rather meaningless.

Fiona has been sick all week. We took her to see her pediatrician this morning and the poor kid has the flu. Fevers, body aches, vomit, the runs - she has it all. So on top of the antibiotics she's still taking for an ear infection, we have to shove Tamiflu, Advil, and Tylenol down her throat so she isn't a 4 year old lump of sadness on the couch. The Tamiflu came to us in adult doses as free samples so we have to mix half a capsule into a spoonful of yogurt to administer it. Reminds me of coating a pill in peanut buttter and rolling it up in a slice of salami for the dog.

As we got out of the car at the pediatrician's office this morning a staff member told us to stay in the car as there had been a bomb threat at the office. We watched from across the street as fire fighters and policemen arrived and cleared the building. They suspect a parent of a patient from yesterday called in the threat. Apparently he called on his cell phone so the cops had a good lead and were off to arrest some kid's dad for a federal offense.

I watched an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain on Monday. The Haiti episode. Then I did a little reading on the world's population, courtesy of National Geographic. I float through life on a cloud. I have health care. I have a roof over my head. I have two cars. I have a savings account. I don't have neighbors with cholera. I don't have to clean up rubble, debris, and trash so a truck bringing clean water can get down the street. I don't have to sleep in a tent that leaks when it rains.

I know I can't bring Gina back or stop people from doing stupid things or rebuild Haiti, but I can pop this bubble of over-stimulated, hyper-marketed, foolishly selfish existence and remember what is truly important to me, what I am grateful for, what lessons I've learned and forgotten, the kind of person I am, and the kind of example I want to set.

Persepctive didn't hide in a spoonful of vanilla yogurt or roll itself up in lunchmeat. It hit hard this week. I needed it. And I need to make some changes.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving marks the second time in a row that we have moved over Thanksgiving weekend. Yesterday we moved from a townhouse in Henderson to a house in Las Vegas. I think we will be very happy here. Once we aren't so sored and tired and everything is unpacked.

There are little things in a new house that make a girl very happy. Good water pressure in the shower, not having the office in your bedroom, kitchen drawers deep enough for parchment paper to fit, two linen closets....

The first night was a little rough though. As soon as the bedding was found, washed, and put on beds we all went to bed. Because of the orientation of our bed in the new bedroom and my need to sleep close to the bedroom door, Anthony and I switched sides of the bed. So when Fiona woke up in the middle of the night and came in to look for me, she went to the wrong side of the bed and got confused. I ended up sleeping in her bed with her. I clearly did not buy her bed for my comfort.

Anthony and I are groggy and sore today. But we are thankful for good friends who helped us move. Special thanks go out to Max and Deb who left the comforts of their own home in New Mexico to come help us pack out of one house and into a new one six miles away. And all on Max's birthday weekend. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Evil Genius of a Mommy Mind

Her: Are we there yet?

Me: Not yet.

Her: Are we there yet?

Me: Nope.

Her: Are we there yet?

Me: Stop asking me that.

Her: Are we there now?

Me: Stop asking me that.

Her: Now?

Her: Now?

Me: Mike Wazowski!

Her: Wahahahahahaha........

Monday, August 2, 2010


A sure way to create a diversion when brushing a three year old's sticky, knotted hair is to poke said three year old in the eye.


New flip flops are the most awesomest thing ever in the whole widey world. Much more awesome than the dinner in front of me at the table.


Nevermind about the black widow right outside our living room window. Spiders are special because they make webs. They are the only bugs that make webs. Kinda like bees are the only bugs that make honey. (shiver)

Fiona on 8-1-10