Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving marks the second time in a row that we have moved over Thanksgiving weekend. Yesterday we moved from a townhouse in Henderson to a house in Las Vegas. I think we will be very happy here. Once we aren't so sored and tired and everything is unpacked.

There are little things in a new house that make a girl very happy. Good water pressure in the shower, not having the office in your bedroom, kitchen drawers deep enough for parchment paper to fit, two linen closets....

The first night was a little rough though. As soon as the bedding was found, washed, and put on beds we all went to bed. Because of the orientation of our bed in the new bedroom and my need to sleep close to the bedroom door, Anthony and I switched sides of the bed. So when Fiona woke up in the middle of the night and came in to look for me, she went to the wrong side of the bed and got confused. I ended up sleeping in her bed with her. I clearly did not buy her bed for my comfort.

Anthony and I are groggy and sore today. But we are thankful for good friends who helped us move. Special thanks go out to Max and Deb who left the comforts of their own home in New Mexico to come help us pack out of one house and into a new one six miles away. And all on Max's birthday weekend. Thank you!

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