Thursday, December 13, 2007

I can have a blog too!

My first post. What should I start with? Hmmmm....ok, my day.

I'm still at work while everyone else is at our CEO's house enjoying a holiday party. There is this mind-numbing, painfully slow process that I've started in our database....'nuf said. While waiting, I've dipped into the semi-private and public stashes of food (that I know about) around the office. Pretzels, twizzlers, chocolates.

And now I have a blog. Rex gets so upset when she doesn't have pics of FiG. Maybe this blog will change all that. Maybe I will pull pics off the camera. Maybe I will keep up with it.

Maybe I will leave the office and go home now. Snore...sometimes I bore myself. Next post will be more lively. The most exciting thing about this one is the twizzlers.


Auntly H said...

I like it. When do I get to put a link in my sidebar?

Heather said...

You can totally have your blog and your treats too! Hurray!

I love it! FIGmama!