Monday, January 7, 2008

Catching Up

I'm embarassed by how long it's been since my last post. Well, there were work deadlines, a week long trip to PA, two holidays, and....everything else gets in the way sometimes. So, to summarize the last few weeks, here's a recap.

Yule - My little family unit celebrated Yule quietly with some fun gifts. FiG's gifts required assembly so A-Mo and I did that while she played with her fake food. Tempura shrimp and tuna maki were her favs that night.

Christmas - It was a great holiday. Despite not getting much sleep I came home from PA feeling good about the visit. Highlights included NY SIL's cookies, making pizzas while blind tasting 6 merlots on Christmas Eve, the roast beast feast the following night, a personal visit from Santa Claus himself (my parents have some amazing friends!), watching all my bad memories from 2007 burn with Pancho, and the gifts - ALL the gifts. Lowlights included the failed crossing of the Delaware re-enactment, the bruises after wrestling with older brother (though the wrestling itself was fun, albeit a little weird for those in the room), and not enough time outdoors.

New Year's Day - Brunch at home with close friends....even a few from all the way in Zurich. A fabulous way to start the year. I highly recommend it.

FiG - Huffenpuff moved into his new apartment in the bedroom closet. Teeth count as of today: 11. More on the way. At least I think that's why she was up all night Friday and Saturday nights - ALL NIGHT. VA SIL taught FiG "uh-oh" when we were in PA. It sunk in. She doesn't actually say it, but she makes the sound "ah-uh" when appropriate or whenever she feels like practicing it. Too cute. Can't wait for "no." Snort.

A-Mo - Continues to work on mastering Guitar Hero III. He has developed a guitar-related tic. And he has become this house's laundry master.

Me - It's my month to get all my medical ducks in a row for the year, work is busy, and somehow I've found time to pick up my knitting needles again. It feels good to knit again.


A-Mo said...

For the record, the role of laundry master sucks. I mean I have written character backgrounds for great warriors, unscrupulous warlocks and well-meaning half-orcs and now my role is laundry master? What am I, the son of a commoner who saved the lady of the house's petticoat during the burning of the manor by the neighboring orc tribe and was promoted? LAME! Oh wait, this isn't my GLOG? My bad.

Fiona did say "No" last night. I didn't encourage her to say it again.

Auntly H said...

NY brunch was awesome. You could make it a tradition...