Friday, March 7, 2008


Today is the 29th day of below zero temperatures this winter. The average is 30 days. We have had the same snow on the ground since December 1st. No wonder we're all sick of it and everyone's moping about the temperature. Mittens are dingy. Coats need to be cleaned. Our bodies are dry. But we might see 40 this weekend and our clocks will shift so there's more daylight at the end of the day. Things are looking up. We just have to keep in mind that today may be the last day this year that we will have long underwear on.

On the lighter side....the FiG update for the week is that I taught her how to eat a popsicle the other night. The first two approches were bites followed by grimaces. The third approach was when it all came into focus for her. She figured out that she could suck on the frozen treat and not hurt her teeth. She really enjoyed her first popsicle. It was really fun watching her in the process of discovery.

The me update is that I leave town this afternoon to the annual Women of the Wool knitting retreat. I'm looking forward to working on fingerless gloves for my friend, Behmarama. I'd like her to have a chance to wear them before next fall! After that, it's fingerless gloves for my sister-in-law, Mirmaid. It's only one weekend and with a reiki session, walks in the woods, naps, and catching up with 21 other women of the wool, I know I'll be lucky to finish the first pair.

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