Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girls Weekend

Last weekend was Girls Weekend here in Minnesota. My mom (Gran-E), sister-in-law (Nan-C), and niece (G) came to town to play. A-Mo was not invited to Girls Weekend, so he was kicked out of the house. Don't feel bad for him though. His friend, Moo, put him up at a casino the first night, and my brother put him up in the Minneapolis Westin the next night. He had fun with his boys all weekend.

On to the girls...Nan-C and G arrived on Thursday. While FiG napped, we did crafts and made hummus - G was master taster and lemon squeezer. Since one cannot subsist on hummus alone, we went out to dinner. Before bedtime G and FiG found each other's giggles. Gran-E arrived Friday morning. After a quick trip to the grocery store (we needed pita for all that hummus) we had lunch and headed for the Mall of America. Gran-E, G, and I all tried on shoes, but I was the only one to get lucky. Enter Nickelodeon Universe. After much deliberation G rode two rides. We headed for home, made a quick dinner and got dressed for the Children's Theater. We all thoroughly enjoyed The Magic of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. Wow, that was a good show! Saturday started with snow....specially delivered just for G. So we went back to the mall for more of the amusement park. G and Nan-C rode the Orange Streak rollercoaster and we went to lunch. Then it was back to the house for more crafts. We ended our day at the North Star Roller Girls bout. It was all I could do to keep FiG from running onto the track and G didn't want to leave. We were all totally exhausted Sunday morning. When the sun came out, we bundled up and tossed a ball around outside until it was time to go to the airport. The whole thing was G's idea and I think it should be an annual event. There were so many highlights and really only one lowlight....that Beth-E couldn't make it. She had very important business that kept her in NY so we missed her.

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