Sunday, April 6, 2008

The week in review

Me: I have a cough-head cold. Missing my weekly soccer game tonight because of it. Found out I have been accepted as a speaker at a fund raising conference next month. It's a big first for me professionally, but I do have my teaching background to draw from. Hey mom and dad, that college degree is working out!

A-Mo: Travian happened. Sleep did not. I found out that he doesn't like cookie dough ice cream. Guess I'm a little slow on the uptake. It's only been 13 years. Oh, and he got a kick-ass sword for Tenesku.

FiG: "Ball" is what we're considering her first word, though it sounds more like "bow." "No" doesn't count in our book. She doesn't like blankets anymore. She loves her first pair of sneakers (pink Chucks). Loves them. She figured out that she can move around in the bathtub. She's not ready for bubbles yet. She can ride the fire truck now.

In other exciting news: My college friend's husband is officially in remission from a very scary encounter with cancer. Mirmaid and Mr. P are having their second child tomorrow morning. Will post pics and stats as soon as they're in. I met my friend's second child, Peter, yesterday. Oh, he's a peanut! I've connected with two classmates from high school via Facebook. Yes, I got sucked into Facebook, but it's been fun connecting with people I knew so long ago. I will not engage in a flair war with you Steely. Last but not least, I found a new and better pizza crust recipe. Lore's Lore is, once again, my go-to cookbook.

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