Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wanted: Killer Instinct

From May through October nothing else sets me off quite as quickly and completely as the rabbits and squirrels eating my plants. Today I had two opportunities to exact my revenge. This morning a squirrel dashed out in the road and on my way home tonight a rabbit did the same thing. And what did I do.....I slowed down and intentionally let them live. So much for my killer instinct. I guess it's been all talk the times I've raged about buying an air rifle and taking out all the bunnies and squirrels in Richfield. I will have to stick with running out the back door in my pajamas in the early morning hours to chase the rabbits out of my lilies. And stop trying to grow tomatoes.


AnneR said...

Bunnies eat your lilies, too? I've given up. They're just sad little stems sticking out of the ground now. They've never made it to the bloom stage. Times like these, I wish we let our Killer Cat outside to exact some revenge.

Kris said...

I think my father in law may be available for hire. Not sure about the squirrels but he's been taking out bunnies for a while now after they ate his flower garden to pieces.