Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 2008: catching up

It's been a busy month. House update: We have a new roof and it's gorgeous. The City inspector failed it though so the crew has to come back out and fix the vents. The house has been power washed, there are paint chips every where, and the scrapping will begin next week. House will be two shades of mossy green. I fear we will have to wash the windows when all of this is done - they'll look even worse than they do now!

Family update: I've been busy at work this month. It's really cramping my style - I haven't read my blogroll or posted here in weeks. My other online social networking activities have taken a similar back seat during the work day. Outside of work, we've been quite social this month. We've been to kid parties, grown up parties, girls-only and boys-only parties. FiG and I are nursing head colds this weekend, so we're keeping a low profile and sleeping as much as we want to. Perhaps the two biggest pieces of FiG news this month are that she has gone two weeks without biting anyone at school and we converted her crib to a day bed. I think she's starting to "get it," though we still find her asleep on the pillows on the floor at least once a night. She can't quite climb into the bed by herself yet. So she's really not ready for such a step, but it was out of desperation one night last week that we converted the crib. She had gotten to the point where she freaked every time you even looked at the crib. This seems to be working for now. She's learning all kinds of new words and thinks she speaks a comprehensible language. It's really quite cute.

I am on "probation" for my speeding ticket. I elected to plead guilty, pay the fine, and take a one year probation. If I don't get another speeding ticket in the next year this one comes off my record. I'm learning to use cruise control now.

The camera has been will be posted soon.

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