Monday, September 8, 2008

I married a Virgo

Happy Birthday A-Mo. Today you are 36. I think you are having a good day. New underwear, a productive day at the office, good friends over for dinner, a football double header, and a bottle of Ommegang Abbey Dubbel. All I can claim is dinner - french toast and bacon by request. His birthday presents are still in the mail. There is no Cafe Latte turtle cake in sight. And despite three trips to Target in two days, no birthday card from his wife. You only turn 36 once. I'll do better by your next birthday. With any luck you'll love what's coming in the mail for you and it will feel like your birthday celebration lasts all week long!

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A-Mo said...

Brinner is the best! As long as I am not getting a sundial I am sure I will enjoy whatever I am getting.