Friday, September 5, 2008

State Fair 2008

Our first foray to the Great Minnesota Get Together is one for the books. It was a gorgeous day and we were meeting up with our friends J and G, State Fair veterans. First stop was the Lamb Lead in the Swine Barn. After watching the sheep and handler fashion show, we visited lots of sleeping pigs, some rambunctious piglets, and the largest boar in Minnesota.

Then it was off to find breakfast: pancakes and a Scotch egg. Next were mini donuts and a corn dog. We perused the Agriculture and Arts & Crafts buildings to take in the 857 pound pumpkin and the unbelievable knitting and quilting. All this walking made us hungry for a Chicago dog, fried cheese curds, and 1919 root beer. Then it was through the bunnies and birds on our way up to Machinery Hill where we found a very long line at Little Farm Hands and decided that it was time to go home instead. Lemonade and a milkshake from the Dairy Barn were our final treats.

We were all exhausted and took a long nap. I threw up just as my supper club friends were arriving for a bean-themed dinner. A-Mo nursed a stomach ache on the basement couch all night while I went back and forth between the dinner table and the upstairs couch. As supper club was ending, I threw up again. Sunday was all about low key recovery.

We don't think it was the fair food that did us in. We think we picked up some kind of bug from FiG and her classmates. It's been about 3 weeks since we went to the State Fair and we still aren't quite right. I think we will go to the Fair again. There were plenty of things we didn't see and do so there is reason to go back. Whether it's next year or 10 years from now, we can't say.

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