Monday, October 13, 2008


These are celebratory snickerdoodles. I made them to mark my mom's 12th year in remission from breast cancer. Part of my work is to raise money for cancer research so I took these cookies into the office and shared the celebration. Among the many congratulations and good wishes for my mom and family were two requests for the recipe and a one-year cancer remission story. Nobody seemed to notice that the cookies were boobies.

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MOMjNana said...

Ant Judy knew what they were right away! Of course, they are boobies! What a great idea. You are so creative. You must get it from moi! Ha, Ha. I love my ruffled phone snugglie thing. Now I can find my phone in my bag and it is easy to slip in and out. Wish I could knit but I paint and you and your Mom knit. Kira talks about it and maybe one day she will learn. Love you, Ant Judy