Monday, October 6, 2008

Emotions, Moods, and Leaves - They're Flying

Concern. FiG was bitten at school today. Full bite wing and a nice bruise on the middle of her back. Bath time revealed two more bites - one on each arm. I don't think her teachers know about these. I will have to break out my Pissed Off Mom tone with her lead teachers and the center director tomorrow morning.

Anxiety. I have a new boss at work. At first blush I think she will bring some fresh and much-needed positive energy to the office. But it means that our department's grace period is over - it's our turn for an overhaul. I don't know what changes are coming, but I know they're coming.

Excitement. I am knitting myself a sweater. It's been a very long time since I set out to make myself something more complicated than a scarf. I do love knitting for other people, but it's time to make something major for me. The pattern I've selected doesn't have a gauge so there's a good chance the sweater will actually fit me when I'm done with it!

Happiness. We visited an apple orchard on Saturday. Playing on a farm overlooking the St. Croix River Valley on a gorgeous fall day was a lot of fun. To top it off, auntlyh babysat FiG while A-Mo and I went out for sushi with the Wandering Moos and their parents. Great day.

Relief. FiG is in a good sleep stretch. She's had 4 good nights in a row. In fact, last Friday morning my alarm clock woke me was a strange feeling. J-Lo and her parents came over to watch football last night. They arrived during our bed time routine and it phased FiG not one bit. And tonight we didn't even read stories. She was tired and went right to bed.

Depression - Peace - Rage. After our Labor Day vacation the weather turned chilly and I wasn't ready for it to be autumn. I spent a chunk of September brooding about the coming of winter. My funk started to clear one afternoon on my drive home. I took the long way, by Lake Nokomis. Waiting at a stop light, I saw a lonely maple on the edge of a clearing. Sunbeams lit up its blaze orange leaves. Popping out of nowhere, it popped my bubble of self pity in an instant. I've been enjoying autumn ever since. That is until the mini pumpkin I placed outside the front door yesterday was ravaged by squirrels today.....friggin' squirrels.

That should catch things up. I will post pictures of some of these stories soon. Thank you for visiting.

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Mocha_Mom said...

goodness, so many things happening in your life... I love the way you write. it's such a joy to read about everything going on in the Morgan family :)