Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh, is this where I post?

It's been a while. Thank you readers, for continuing to check in. It's hard to remember all that has happened in the last month, so I'll just skip to last week and call this blog caught up.

FiG is learning to use the potty. She isn't interested in #2 on the potty, but she's getting really good at #1. She's wearing Pull-Ups and is getting better at pulling them up and down by herself. This is all very exciting. Except when she has to go potty at bed time....after being tucked in....after the entire routine. She's becoming a master staller.

She is really funny these days. Talking a lot, finishing sentences in her books, reading to herself in bed, doing art (it's best on a stool in front of her new art desk with the easel up), mimicing me and her father, dancing and singing, dressing herself, stripping when she's unsupervised, diapering her stuffed animals, and insisting on pig tails every day.

I have bronchitis again. Back on the triple cocktail of prednisone, antibiotics, and codeine cough syrup. The pred gives me energy - I've spent the whole weekend in the kitchen and just twenty minutes ago I was dusting the family room. Not normal behavior. The cough syrup works but I'm going to run out of it at this rate. No need for clocks....every 4 hours I need more. This shall pass.

Speaking of the kitchen, I stayed home from work 3 days last week and made dinner those 3 nights. Yesterday I worked on some time-intensive and fussy cookies for supper club. Today I finished them and made two loaves of Garden Harvest Cake. It's not a ringing endorsement, but the cookies aren't bad for low-carb cookies. The cake is relatively low-carb and it's really good. It's been nice to be in the kitchen so much. It is inspiring my vegetable garden fantasy.

While FiG and A-Mo napped today I sketched this vegetable garden and made a list of supplies. It's two raised beds so half the size of what I have been concocting in my head. But it's still quite ambitious. It doesn't sound like we'll be moving this year so I want to jump into this project come May. A few green things are coming up in the garden beds so our growing season is just getting started. I don't think anything suffered too much from this morning's snowfall. It melted quickly. It is spring afterall.

Watched Kung Fu Panda this weekend - very funny. Watching Madagascar right now. Also funny with a lot more going on. I do love me some animated movies.

I've signed up to ride in the ADA Tour de Cure in early June. I am officially a Pancremaniac. Opportunities to support the team are forthcoming. Stay tuned.

And now for pictures:

A creek in the woods during my knitting retreat in March.

Playing in the kitchen sink for the last time.

What? Mickey and Minnie need new diapers. Geez, dad.

Yes. I am paying attention to the story you are reading me.


Anonymous said...

Finally! You are all adorable and I do so enjoy the photos. Gran-E

Nan-C said...

Going #1 after being tucked in runs in the family. It's totally strategic, and they know it.

Mocha_Mom said...

I love the update! thanks for sharing. I'm having potty envy, but I'm so proud of you for keeping your sanity. so sorry to hear that you've been sick. hope you feel better soon. love the kitchen sink pic :)