Friday, April 17, 2009

Signs of Spring

There are those tell tale signs of spring: maples glowing red with pollen pods, lawns switching from brown to green, birdsong (wait, birds live here?), and people and dogs out everywhere.

And then there are those tell tale signs of spring in Minnesota: the glare of pasty white skin on those people out everywhere, the sheer glee on motocyclists' faces as they buzz by, and the guy sitting on his front steps buffing his pasty white feet into flip flop shape with sand paper.


Auntly H said...

I went for a quick bike ride tonight and it was like a summer night - tons of people out walking, playing and eating frozen custard.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling you you have to move. I know it is that man across the street. Now do keep those baby blues open for more signs. It is the best season of the year. We know what you think of winter. Mom

MOMjNana said...

I can't believe how long Fig's arms and legs are! She is growing up so fast. She does have a mind of her own! Love, Ant Judy