Saturday, September 12, 2009

Husband's birthday

I planned a little surprise adventure for Anthony's birthday this year. Fiona and I picked him up from work early and took him to Theodore Wirth Park in the northwest part of the metro. It's the largest park in the Grand Rounds system and we'd never been there. So we stopped at a geographical marker along the parkway for a photo op:

Then we parked at one of the two golf courses, unloaded the bikes and pod, and went for a very hilly bike ride. Anthony had to take over pulling Fiona in the pod...ugg, that was hard. After the ride we drove over the Wirth Lake and had a picnic dinner on the beach. Putting aside the traffic in our view to the right, the mucky water in our view to the left, and the goose poop all over the beach it was a fun picnic. I made curried chicken salad and served it on croissants. Lemonade, strawberries, and marbled cheesecake squares rounded out the meal. Fiona got to check out two new playgrounds. It was a big night!

Anthony got a titanium link bracelet for his 37th. Looks good, no?

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