Saturday, January 12, 2008

Puggy Fun

Jade spent the day with us today. Her human, Steely Danielle, had a busy day setting up for and then reffing the North Star Roller Girls bout tonight.

Jade was very patient with FiG, who has yet to learn that we don't smack at or pull the ears of things with teeth. By dinner time FiG was chasing Jade around the living room and under the dining room table.

Highlight of the day: I goaded her with "Who's there Jade? Who's there?" (an old Nala trick). She got so fired up that she started chasing her tail. When she pulled her head up she had so much momentum going that she did a few 360s on her butt. LOL funny.

Lowlight: Walkies without a bag = walkies a second time. Doh.

We had a fun day. And I can now admit to myself that I am not ready for another dog right now. Like other people's kids were to me two years ago - cute and fun and then they go home - other people's dogs are all I can handle at this point. It's been two years since I had a shadow. Today I had two. I'm okay keeping it to one for a while longer.


Auntly H said...

It's good to find these things out before making more permanent changes to your family structure. And I bet you can dogsit just about any time you need a little four-legged furry fix.

Danielle Dostal said...

You guys are the best friends a roller girl could have.

I'm glad she was a good pug and that Fiona enjoyed her a little bit. She's a funny little dog. She makes me laugh every day!

I know what you mean about the shadow part. There's still a part of me that's like..."Good lord! Stop following me!"

I love that picture of her! Will you send it to me?

AnneR said...

Wait a second... Danielle is a roller derby babe? Oh, how work obscures our much more exciting personal lives!