Monday, January 14, 2008

What in the world.....?

Driving into work this morning I saw a rainbow. It's the middle of January, the temperature is 0F. The wind chill is -20F. The sunrise was a pleasant sight but the rainbow was a treat. Thank you Nature. You're awesome.

Remind me that I like you when it's the end of the week and the temperature is -20F and the windchill is incomprehensible.


Auntly H said...

It was so f'ing cold today that when I left work, my flat tire sensor screamed at me. After a frantic call to the dealer, a pathetic request at the gas station counter for them to open my new pressure gauge, and a little top-up in each tire, my ride home was uneventful. Thank god for heated seats!

a-mo said...

My flat tire sensor consists of me walking out of my building and seeing that my two front tires are flat. As a fellow car owner with alloy wheels I suggest frequent checking of your tire pressure, especially early in the season when the temperature changes can be drastic. They look pretty but they perform poorly in this climate.

Danielle Dostal said...



From the Star Tribune, just now.
This pretty much says it all.

And I saw the same was actually one half of a giant "sun dog". Super early in the day for that!