Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why does she do that?

FiG goes into her crib peacefully. Ten minutes later she's screaming. I think I know why. After a few minutes she ratchets up the intensity so I go up to check on her. As soon as I open the door I smell validation of my instinct. We pay more for daycare every month than we do for our house. Why can't she have all of her Monday - Friday poops there? Nope...this whopper was all mine. Thankfully, she went back to bed with only a minor protest. And I can spend the rest of my "girls night" with my knitting needles.

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Walter said...

For some reason, Trey NEVER woke us up because he had poopied his diaper. Must be the difference between boys and girls.
The good news for you is that if she hates the poopie diapers that much (and who wouldn't???) she will be much easier to potty train.