Saturday, March 15, 2008


Addendum...right after posting, A-Mo left the lid up. He will need more training. What plastic food will she float next?

The plastic food from Smee and Beth-E is a source of endless entertainment in this house. After my shower this morning I found the hotdog in the toilet. It was the perfect floating turd. The hot dog bun made its way into the tub. In an instant A-Mo and I were trained to put the lid down.


Auntly H said...

how is it that Nala never trained you on this trick? Loyd's lessons left me unable to ever leave a lid up.

Steely Danielle said...

For me it was Elvis. Maine Coons are known for playing in water, I guess...isn't that bizarre?

a-mo said...

Nala only drank from the toilet if we forgot to fill her water bowl. We had to keep the bathroom door shut anyway because she loved to get into the trash in that room while we were at work.