Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Case Study: Things that do not get better with age.

Subject: Milk.

In search of the funk that invaded the wagon, I pulled everything out of it and set about with the shop vac. Considering how long it's been since the wagon was vacuumed last, it wasn't that bad. Funk was still there though. No it wasn't the car seat cover, but the banana in the corners came out anyway. Then....oh yeah. Don't put a drink in the middle console of the back seat for FiG. And whatEVER you do, don't do it with milk. I lifted up the seat benches and the sticky stank was everywhere. The felt under the benches was stuck to the chassis. Half a bottle of Febreeze later and I think...I hope....the funk is gone. Ewww.


FiG got her first haircut on Saturday. Bangs + layers = more curls!


We lost the "Who's More Ghetto?" competition on our block this weekend. Our neighbor to the south held longer out than we could. We broke down on Saturday and A-Mo mowed the grass. And so began the snowball effect. Pieces of fencing came down, rotting posts removed, patio furniture and FiG's new slide cleaned and set up, boat parked in new home behind the garage, chiminea wreckage swept up (yes, that makes two lost to the Dark & Stormy), hostas moved and split, dandelions pulled, garage organized.....


This is week 3 of the invasion of the I-teeth. I've lost count, but I think we've only had one uninterrupted night of sleep in the last 15 days. The only reason I can function is that I'm utterly addicted to caffeine. Just to be sure there wasn't anything else going on (like hand, foot & mouth disease....a coworker's daughter who is at the same daycare as FiG recently had it) FiG went to the doctor on Friday. It's the teeth. Per the ped, grandmothers will tell you that the I-teeth are the worst. You might think the molars, being big and flat, would hurt more. And you might think that the fangs would hurt less, being small and pointy. Nope. They have to squeeze between other teeth, so they're the worst. None of the other teething we've experienced comes close to this. It's unreal. In desperation, I dosed her up with a Benedryl/Tylenol cocktail tonight. Hopefully she'll sleep until 5 or 6am. Or at least get 4 hours before waking up for 3 hours of misery. It's times like these when I wonder how people can do this more than once. Hopefully this blog will help me through mommy-nesia. I've heard it exists.

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