Friday, May 23, 2008

Definitely a mommy-hood milestone

So as FiG and I were leaving school yesterday, she fell forward in the doorway and caught herself with her hands on the pavement. There was a woman standing there who said, "Looks like someone has to wash their hands. Does mommy have snacks in the car for the ride home?" I said, "No." She said, "Oh good, becuase if you did we'd have to go inside and wash hands."

I picked Fiona up as fast as I could and got the hell away from her. Who was this woman? She was clearly too old to be mother to any of the kids in the center and I'd never seen her before. Maybe she was there for the pre-school graduation ceremony last night. At any rate, buzz off lady! If I think my kid's hands need to be washed, I'll wash them. I whole-heartedly believe that a little dirt in life is beneficial. And FiG comes home from school needing a bath every day without touching the front sidewalk - so that's going to make any difference?

This was my first experience with a stranger sharing unsolicited child care dos and don'ts. I suppose I can count myself lucky that I got through 17 months before this came up.....or that I don't remember it happenning before now. But I'm still irked. Buzz off lady!

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