Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Once bitten and she bites back.

FiG bit one of her "friends" at school today. They were playing with a toy together. FiG decided she didn't want to share anymore and bit the other kid. Sigh.....she was bitten during her first week in the young toddlers classroom, so there's precedent. Her fangs are coming in. She was tired and cranky today. Poor friend. Didn't know what was coming. We're curious though...was it a slow mo attack or was it like a shark hitting a seal?

We read "Teeth are not for Biting" tonight. It will stay in the nighttime story rotation for a while.


A-Mo: See, the water isn't that hot.
MoD: Not any more. But look at her butt. It's bright red!
A-Mo: She's like a lobster.

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