Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thou shalt not mock your mother.

FiG doesn't yet understand that she can hurt people if she isn't gentle. She loves pulling on your nose. Hooking her talon-tipped fingers in your unsuspecting nostrils and pulling for all her might. This makes her laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Pulling hair, yours or hers, is a close second on the enjoyment scale. Part of me worries that she enjoyed biting her friend at school yesterday.

As we played after dinner tonight, she came after my face and I kept saying, "gentle touch." She laughed and laughed. Until I held her hands in one of my hands and gently stroked her hair with my other hand while saying, "gentle touch." After a moment of calm she said, "gen ger." But she was mocking me....half a tick later she was after my nostrils again. With that evil giggle to boot.

She's working on all the variations and intonations of "no" that she can think of right now. And I swear she said "ann oooo" tonight. That's "thank you" for those who don't speak toddler.

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