Sunday, August 17, 2008

This time, the toddler is the teacher

A-Mo and I went out for dinner and a movie last night. Auntlyh came over to babysit. Her report at the end of the evening revealed some of our unintentional routines. After waking from her nap, FiG insisted that Auntlyh put on her shoes and take her outside. At the back door, Auntlyh had to grab the car keys. FiG went straight to the garage door and wanted it opened. Later on, at bed time, FiG wouldn't read books until Auntlyh had learned that she needed to be sitting on the floor, cross legged, with a blanket over her lap. Once she figured all of that out, stories were read in quick succession and FiG let Auntlyh get back to the Olympics.

It's funny what imprints when you aren't trying.

The movie we saw was Dark Night at the Minnesota Zoo IMAX Theater. Awesome.

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