Friday, August 15, 2008

Vehicular Discrimination?

I turned the corner onto the 30 mph frontage road near our house this morning driving the Avenger. Two blocks later I notice a cop racing up behind me. He tailgates me for about a minute...I can see him checking his computer. I have my seat belt on. I'm driving 30 on the nose. I'm not swerving, talking on the phone, or putting on mascara. There are no outstanding warrants on record. After about a minute he lost interest and backed off.

It made me wonder: if I had turned the corner in the wagon would I have gotten the same attention? Anything is possible, but I doubt it. I drive the wagon almost every day and I don't get tailgated by black n' whites....I get pulled over, but not tailgated. Maybe it's not discrimination or stereotyping. Maybe it's just a cop doing his job patrolling a road that makes it easy to fly at 50. Maybe this really wasn't blog-worthy. Maybe it's all typed now so you'll never get back the minute it took you to read it.

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