Sunday, September 14, 2008

Button Book and Boo-Boo

The Button Book experienced a radical bilateral buttonectomy tonight.

It's blurry but you can see the size of the road rash she gave herself tripping up the back steps. And there is my little trooper telling me she has a boo-boo. We were on our way to meet the Wandering Moos....see below.


Mocha_Mom said...

poor baby. kiss her boo boo for us... btw, the safety tested label on the book is making me laugh... buttons. what were they thinking?

MoD said...

I know. It's kind of funny. I haven't decided whether or not to fix (or try to) the book. FiG just figured out how to put the buttons into the button holes but she's much more interested in the birds and dog in the book.