Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I thought I was being ever so clever. The syringe doesn't reach the Motrin in the bottle anymore. So I poured a teaspoon of Motrin into the syringe, then tried to slowly and carefully push the plunger in so I could make FiG's new boo-boo feel better. Well, on it's way to the bathroom ceiling, the Motrin traveled up my sweater, into my mouth, up my nose, and into my right eye. Clean up on aisle dummy.

The newest boo-boo happened on our way out of school today. FiG was lingering behind me and I walked on ahead. She wanted to close the door into the Twos room....and she caught her pinky finger in it. Her finger tip is all red and her cuticle is torn. There was a little blood. I know what that boo-boo feels like and yet, I wanted to giggle at her toddler version of the "bleepity-bleep-bleeep-BLEEP-ow-ow-OW-BLEEP" dance.

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Mocha_Mom said...

Haha!!! I'm dying at the mental image... this is pure gold... thanks for sharing the reality of the best laid plans...