Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One great night

FiG and I were having dinner (A-Mo is out) and as I was saying, "It doesn't work on that end hon. Turn your fork around to pick up food. It's not going to....." she stabbed a piece of hot dog with the handle of her fork. Never mind that she already had a piece on the stabbing end. She proceeded to eat the rest of her hot dog this way and was delighted to get one more bite when she found the piece on the proper eating end of her fork. She ate every single pea on her plate - in fact she ate everything save one apple slice. I had more tomato soup. Great dinner.

Playtime in the basement was cut short by a smell of the most foul order. Upstairs we went to spread the fumes through the house. Shortly thereafter was bath time. I've learned that if I just give her a few more minutes beyond what I think is enough time in the tub (meaning: prune toes) she will gladly help me put away the toys and end the bath. Lotion, diaper, pajamas. "I want cookie." OK. Sure. Cookie and warm milk greased the wheels tonight. She let me brush her teeth. She let me brush her teeth. Eureka - a breakthrough!

The sweetest part of the night happened after that though. She crawled into bed for one more reading of Amazing Airplanes. Two pages in she pulled the duvet over her head and started playing peek-a-boo with me. Her giggles make me squeal. Then she practiced tucking her bears in. She made her obligatory break for it but I've learned to close the door when we go in after brushing teeth. She quickly gave up and let me put her back in bed and tuck her in. She didn't dismiss me with a "Bye" like she did the other night, but she was going to sleep.

I love nights like this. She squeezed an extra 30 minutes and three snickerdoodles out of the day, but I don't feel manipulated. It was genuine and how could I ignore the spontaneous peek-a-boo game? Com'on!

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Mocha_Mom said...

I love this post... such good memories :)