Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween, Vegas, and some other stuff

So much has been going on in the last's time to take a break and catch up on it all. Let's start with Halloween.

Gran-E came to stay with FiG for a few days so A-Mo and I could go to Vegas for the weekend. FiG was in bed by the time the first trick or treaters arrived and she didn't feel like putting on a costume. FiG and Gran-E has a good time together. Dropping Gran-E off at the airport was a sad thing to do. Dropping FiG off at school after flying home on the red eye was a mean thing to do. Resiliency is strong in the young, right?

Vegas...we met our good friends who live in NM in the city of lights and sin. It was great to see them again. The weekend was a lot of fun and we've already decided that we will meet there again in a year! I'm glad I finally saw Vegas for myself. I had a specific image of it in my head from all the stories and advertisements I see and hear. But in personal observation it's not as gross and enormous as I thought it would be. Some people have said that's because we didn't spend any time off the strip. But we did - we had one fun night at the Golden Nugget and we drove around the city during the day looking for potato pancakes and swap meets. And yes, it's big. The buildings, statues, malls, hotels....they're immense and stimulating and opulent. I was just expecting something that I couldn't see the end of. I was pleasantly surprised to see the mountains around the city. We saw several casinos, had some great meals, did a little shopping, and laughed out loud with our friends - we're looking forward to our next trip.

After parting ways with our southwestern friends, A-Mo and I rented a car and visited the Hoover Dam. I found myself having to, again, adjust to what I was seeing with my eyes and what I had imagined it would be like. Damn you Hollywood for giving me warped expectations. The dam is truly more impressive in person. We did not do the dam tour but we did go through the Visitor and History Center - I highly recommend that you at least do this if you visit.

The new highway being built over the canyon is a feat of engineering in itself!

Since we've been home the main thing in our lives is FiG's, and our, sleeping problems. We've spent November working on getting her to sleep through the night without waking, to go back to sleep quickly if she does wake, and to stop fighting bed time. We've made progress but it's taken until now to see it. It's really awful what becomes of you when you're so deprived of sleep. Just last week I was scared I was going to get in a car accident I was so tired. I had to stop what I was doing at work and tell myself that I wasn't capable of making decisions. I was snippy with A-Mo and FiG. A few nights of good rest this week have made a huge difference. I have patience back. I feel human again. My blood sugars are better. I can make a decision....if you know me you know that I can't stand it when people can't make a decision so this is an important one for me! We've gotten lots of great advice and heard many stories from other parents who've been through sleep issues. To all of you: THANK YOU!

This weekend FiG and I head to PA for a family Thanksgiving with my family. A-Mo will join us next week. It will be a full house with 8 adults (plus 2 more for the feast), 3 kids, and 2 dogs. It will be a full week with lunches with my mom's girlfriends, trips to Peddler's Village, visits to the horse paddocks, a scavenger hunt, meals to prepare, dogs to play with, and an early birthday party for FiG, who turns 2 on December 18th.

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers.

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E said...

Hang in there on the sleep stuff. It will get better.