Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 Day 1

FiG and I took a mid-day flight from MSP to PHL. The nice man at sky cap didn't charge me for the extra half pound my luggage weighed. He also didn't charge me for my second piece of luggage, a stroller. The security line was one-lane only with a short line so it was a breeze and I had all the time I needed to get me and FiG put back together again. The nice lady at the gate counter saved the last open seat in the plane for FiG so she could sit in her carseat instead of on my lap. We were in the last row, which as you know is the worst row on the plane, but....ahhhh. I sat next to one of the Golden Gophers' newest football players. He didn't want to talk much. He snores.

We met Cooper, my parent's golden doodle, for the first time when we arrived at the house. FiG was not amused. Cooper was all over us. He's cute and very fluffy and hyper. And we had all kinds of smells on us.

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