Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 Day 2

FiG and Cooper began a courtship today. By dinnertime FiG let Cooper lick her hands and face and stand right next to her without screaming. So we made progress. She really enjoyed watching through the windows of the sun room while Cooper ran about outside. He settled down quite a bit so it's easy to see how well he does listen to commands. Maybe by the end of tomorrow he'll listen when FiG tells him to "git dowen."

While FiG napped, Gran-E and I went to lunch with her book club. Half the group ordered the steak wedge salad, and for good reason: flank steak marinated in bloody mary mix, bleu cheese dressing, and grilled red onions. For some reason I ordered the chicken quesadilla. It was good, but that red meat looked sooooo tasty.

Later us girls went to the yarn store up the street and I bought two hanks of a delicious hand dyed, hand spun wool. I can't wait to make something to go with my new brown coat. I may have to go back and get more tomorrow so I can make a hat-mitten-scarf set. Though I'm afraid I might blow my next month's allowance if I set foot back in there! They had some great felted bags - with all the work done I'd pay that know I thought about it too. :) The store is small and their website begs for attention, but they had a cozy corner set up with comfy chairs and coffee waiting for you. Gran-E says they know their stuff when you ask for help there too. So I officially recommend it as a place to check out if one is ever in this corner of PA.

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