Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jail Bird Chronicles

It only took an hour to get FiG to sleep last night and she was only up for half an hour at 3am. The getting to sleep part, while shorter than it has been, was full of excitement: a near blow-out diaper, crying till she puked, new bedding, lots more crying, and lots of singing. It was a much more pleasant morning today though she still resisted getting dressed.

Tonight took less than an hour she skipped the stink fest and went right to the puke fest. Good thing we inherited 4 mattress pads and 6 sheets from Nan-C and my brother, Rae Rae. 5 back to back performances of "Hush Little Baby" and she was out.

The really big news today is that FiG got her first "P" on her potty report from school. "T" means she tried the potty and "P" means she used it! We celebrated with pudding sundaes.

This picture was taken last weekend, when it was tolerable to be outside. Behold the abominable snow toddler!

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