Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Jail Bird Chronicles

Last night FiG went to sleep with much less of a fight than of late but I'm convinced it was only because she couldn't get out of her bed. She woke up 4 times. I think it was 4. I'm a little fuzzy today. One of those times I made the mistake of taking her out of her crib to lay on the couch with her. Two hours later I'd had milk spilled on me three times and we'd both woken up maybe a dozen times.

I didn't hear the alarm until an hour and a half after it started going off. If "in your sleep snoozing" was a sport, I'd be a contender. I was late for my first meeting of the day and missed out on coffee and now have a headache, but I got to wake FiG up and dress her in her crib without much fuss so I will take some Tylenol and consider it a good day. So far. School pick up, the drive home, and bedtime without A-Mo home are still ahead.

Thank you to all my readers and friends who have shared their stories, techniques, and ideas with me. My favorite is from a coworker who told me that she would look around to make sure no one was looking and would spray her daughter with water when she was having a tantrum. She said she only had to do it twice. We talked about how people do this with their pets to train them and how similar it is to train a toddler to behave well and learn rules. Ha!


AnneR said...

I have no toddler tales to tell but I am cracking up at the story of the spray bottle. I did indeed use that technique with my puppy! Of course, now I need to disclose that my dogs are ill-behaved brats, one of whom thinks two rooms in our house are for her personal peeing pleasure. So clearly I have no advice for you but will have another cup of coffee in your honor this morning. (Whoops, it's afternoon. Crazy night shift!)

a-mo said...

No, if "in your sleep snoozing" were a sport you'd be the undisputed champion of the omniverse! Let's not even talk about that one time with the Ambien.

Kris said...

Love the spray bottle technique!