Friday, January 30, 2009

Keeping up with the Germy Jonses

FiG is sick again. This time it's bronchiolitis. Since several of the kids in her class are coughing and I know at least one of them has this exact diagnosis and it's a contagious virus, I'm pretty sure she picked it up at school. She seems to have a mild case but also has some pneumona-like rustling in her right lung so she's on antibiotics now. I just hope not too many other kids end up with this, but bugs tend to race through classrooms with speed and purpose. She should be feeling better by Monday.

Going to sleep and staying asleep have been easier with FiG for the last two weeks...of course she hasn't been feeling well for those two weeks. So we'll see what happens next week. We do seem to have fine tuned our bedtime routine and going to bed isn't as awful a proposition as it was a month ago.

I'm told that we could see temps at or above 30F tomorrow. It will feel humid and balmy. Can't quite plant veggies in the garden, but it's going to feel really good. And we'll be able to get our cars washed!

In other news I'm knitting myself a sweater. It's a challenging pattern and my first two attempts at adult sweaters (both for me) ended up as gifts for women much smaller than me. Two valuable lessons in gauge will hopefully lead to success on this third attempt.

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