Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That thing between your ears. Use it.

Last night FiG threw all of her bedding and animals out of her bed as a protest for having to go to bed. When we checked on her later, we found her asleep on top of her duvet on the floor next to her bed. Since the entire evening was an exercise in going to bed my first thought was that we needed to move her up into her bed. So I moved the blankets, pillow, and animals and as I picked FiG up she woke up. I spent the next half hour rocking and soothing her before she fell asleep enough to let me put her in her bed.

So I'm sitting there, rocking 30 pounds of sensitivity, humming "Home on the Range" and only I remember that you never wake a sleeping baby. Shoulda left her to sleep on the floor. Coulda avoided some whining. Woulda if I'd used my brain.

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Gran-E said...

ahhh. All that shared wisdom is finally coming through. Mom