Monday, May 18, 2009

We have a raisin problem.

They're everywhere. Just sit in one place and start looking around the room. You'll start seeing raisins all over the place. When I think I've got them all picked up I'll step on one and feel the wet squish underfoot. While making dinner tonight I turned around and saw a colony of them on the kitchen floor. Since then we've been finding sticky streaks of raisin guts on the kitchen floor. I swear I picked them all up! They're breeding. The raisins are breeding! We're going to have to call an exterminator soon. Or get a dog.

I actually had to think about the address for this blog's been that long.

Pink Eye II has taken up residence in our home this week. Poor FiG. The Cough V settled in two weeks ago. Poor me.

This weekend the overnight low hit 35F. Today it was 81F. The lilacs, chives, and irises are blooming. And until this afternoon I didn't have any allergy symptoms. It could be a second cousin of The Cough V coming to visit, but it could also be retribution for openly bragging about how I've had no allergy problems this year and isn't that great for me and too bad for you suffering from hay fever?

Can a girl get a bicycle? Or at least a box with wheels?

From fully clothed to:

And then to:

It was Derby day afterall. We had an amazing meal on Derby Day at Supper Club. The most amazing bourbon glazed baby back ribs.....mmmmmmm......A-Mo was disappointed that there was only one rib in my leftovers. But that's all that was left!

FiG is playing more independently now. She is currently making soup with water in her sippee cup and her kitchen toys. She has started to be more deliberate with her coloring and drawing as well. She will color in shapes that we draw for her and instead of widly waving markers across the paper, she will concentrate on one area - all with tongue out. Of course.

FiG is also exploring her boundaries, exercising her "no," and expecting what she wants when she wants it. We have a raisin' problem.

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