Sunday, August 9, 2009

Channeling Carrie Bradshaw

I'm in New York sitting next to a window typing on a laptop drinking an Ubu Ale in the dark. The particulars are different, but it's the best impression I can muster. So let's see.....I'm on vacation with my family at Lake Placid, NY. We've rented a house that fits all 11 of us. It's right at the lake shore with a dock and pontoon boat to boot. We're here for a week. I have a feeling that time will fly by....especially if I take a 3-hour nap every day! My kid was the only one to have a (colossal) melt down today. As long as we can keep it that way, it will be a good week.

It's been a long time since I've posted to this blog and my two biggest fans happen to be my mom and her friend, who has known my mom since before my parents were married, so you can imagine the grief I'm getting over my Facebook activity and subsequent lack of blogging. See comments on my last post for reference.


Life has taken an interesting turn since my last post. I stopped working at the end of June and have spent time since then getting to know my life in a new way. It's my summer of fun: play dates, lunch dates, and vacation dominate the calendar. But there is still work. Sure, there's the potty and manners training, the Weeding Project of 2009, and the cooking and cleaning. What is perhaps the most surprising, though, is the work on me, myself, and I. It's nice to have some time to think about who I am, how I treat myself and those I love, and if I'm happy with me. So it's been an interesting summer.

I am looking for another job but have chosen to be deliberate about it. I spend most of my time in my search networking and interviewing people and organizations. I'm trying to find the best fit. My last job wasn't a good fit in the last year I was there, and it sucked the life out of me. I suppose this is my summer of recovery too.

Not to mention milestones: my last day of work was my 10th wedding anniversary and I turn 35 this week.

I think I'm having Facebook withdrawal....and I need another beer. Later....


Auntly H said...

Welcome back to blogland (however briefly)! I missed you here, too. Yeah, I get you in real life, but I like the combo package. :)

MOMjNana said...

Sooooooooooo glad to see you making sense again. My problem with Facebook is that in 20 or 30 years when Fig investigates Facebook she and all the other intelligent off-spring will think your minds went numb and will worry about their gene pool. However, if they read your wonderfully creative Blog they will get to know you better than my generation, or yours, got to know our parents. It could help them explain why things were they way they were. At least they will see they had educated, intelligent parents, maybe just mothers. Haven't seen a Dad blog yet. Love, Ant Judy

Gran-E said...

Hooray -Diana's Back!! REX, the Nag