Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Is anything in life ever really "all-purpose?" Apparently vinegar is.

1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar

My adventures in house cleaning with vinegar begin today. Gotta do something with all the vinegar in the basement...since I'm not making pickles this year.


MOMjNana said...

You make the best pickles and I am growing kukes. Can you tell me how you make them?
Love, Ant Judy

MoD said...

@judy: unfortunately the recipe i've used is one of those hand-written ones that lives in a friend's cookbook that i never copied. after researching recipes online a few years ago, ours is fairly basic though it calls for a jarred grape leaf in each jar of pickles instead of powdered allum. Just get the ratio of water to vinegar right and use pickling salt - it does make a difference. You can always make refrigerator pickles too. Good luck!

Nan-C said...

Works wonderfully, but beware that natural is not always better. The stuff triggers asthma in The Gwench.