Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paying in the yard on a crisp fall afternoon

Jo liked the pumpkin. And yes, for those of you who were at Camp Bearberry in August, that is the raspberry hat I made for Fiona. She grew last week and it don't fit no more. Sigh.

Fiona was happy to have a friend to play with today. The neighbor boys are on vacation for 2 weeks and sitting in her stroller watching me weed the garden....well, that sucks. Those girls chased each other around until they got good and hungry. Aunt Heather came over tonight too. She has the Auntly touch I tell you. Both kids were calm when she was in the room. When it was me trying to put them to bed - I wouldn't call them calm so much as not calm.

And...she's making Fiona a new hat. It will match the new sweater she made for Fiona. It's good to have Auntlys who love you that much, isn't it?

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