Thursday, October 15, 2009

What part of the soul is chicken soup good for again?

I love it when a post writes itself as I am washing dishes on a random night of the week. But let me start with a list of things one should not give a toddler to eat in a home that is on the market and has to be clean as a whistle at every waking moment.....breath.....soup, raisins, edamame, juice boxes, milk, goldfish, rice, and water. Did I mention soup? Yes. We had chicken soup for dinner. It was tasty too. Fiona even ate it. And then it crashed to the floor by way of the table, her pajamas, and the fabric covered seat. I really hate wasting good chicken soup. And I really hate wasting it when a prospective buyer is coming to the house at 9am the next morning. So I send her off to her room to take off her soppy pajamas and proceed with the clean up and dishes. This is where the post writes itself.....

Gayly she bounds into the kitchen in only her diaper.

Fiona: I'm naked! I'm naked!
Me: I see that. Please go put on clean pajamas so we can read stories. (To myself: I bet she'll pick the bicycle shirt. She loves that thing.)

Ever so proud of herself she re-enters the kitchen with her very large Tour de Cure team t-shirt (her bicycle shirt; the most favorite thing she has) and a pajama shirt on as pants - both legs through the neck hole.

Fiona: I have it on backwards!
Me: No hon, that's a shirt, not shorts. (I'm such a buzz kill.)

She hops off and back again, this time with her lime green Pancremaniacs team t-shirt (her other most favorite thing) on backwards, over the bicycle shirt. Her legs are still through the neck hole of that poor pajama shirt.

Me: Fiona, please put that shirt back in your drawer and pick out stories to read. (I hope she doesn't take everything out of that drawer and make a mess in there too.)

Back to the kitchen she flies with ALL of her pajamas in her arms. All of them. So I finish up the dishes and go see what else is out of the dresser. Fortunately the chaos is contained to only the 4th drawer with pajamas and burp rags. But her soppy soup pajamas are smack in the middle of the pile so now there are three sets of pajamas that have chicken soup on them.

She eats 4 bites of chicken soup....well, anything...for dinner and goes completely gonzo hyper. Every night. Anthony isn't home tonight so I was hoping for a quiet night sans the 3 hour bedtime routine we've gotten ourselves into. Child won't go to sleep until 10pm - I don't get it. Let's just say I was happy to give her Benedryl for her massive eczema flare up tonight. She's been out of bed 3 times since I put her in there. Sadly, that's an improvement.

Oh, and as soon as the showing is over tomorrow I'm taking up the candy bowl. So not worth the struggle every waking minute.


Kris said...

Too bad we're not neighbors. If we were I'd suggest that Fiona and Cleo start hanging out at night, sharing their respective craziness and letting those of us who need to sleep, do just that.

Auntly H said...

I'm sorry, but it makes me ridiculously happy that her two favorite pj shirts are the Tour de Cure and Pancremaniacs tees. Makes me a proud auntly.

(my word verification is housi - may this be good luck on your sale (even though I hate it))

Anonymous said...
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