Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 2010

I find it hard to believe May starts on Saturday. I've been in Nevada for 6 months. To celebrate I got a hair up my butt and made Anthony help me hang things on the walls this week. Yes mom and dad, we have put things up in the first 5 years. I know, you're stunned. We even moved some furniture around. Should have listened to Max form the beginning - he knows how to lay out a room.

Fiona continues to surprise, motivate, and exhaust us. Last week she suggested that a bird we saw on a walk was a condor. We know she learned about condors from Diego, but it was quite the head-spinner when she said it. Her first visit to the dentist went very well. She has been instructed to floss between her molars every day. So I am now flossing. Occasionally. Since she is a mimic with a wicked memory, we have to be very careful what we say in front of her. Deep down, I knew all that Pig Latin practice in elementary school would come in handy. Though I know now that my teachers were also bilingual. And then there's the manipulation. She's really honing her stills. The stalling, the testing of limits - the latest technique is "I want to hug you and kiss you all over." Really? Oh okay, love me. Oh, that tickles and makes you giggle? Weeeee! More! Weeeee! Wait, what were we doing?

When it's quiet in the house we are never quite sure what we will discover. Apparently bears have to go potty too.
Easter present - a Little People camping set we picked up at a friend's garage sale. Score!

And the basket o' candy...

More booty from the garage sale: mega blocks. Check out the froggy picnic Anthony built.

No sweetheart, this is not a good hiding place.

This outfit includes pajamas, panties, a tee shirt, a sweater, pants, and socks. Hey, all the parts are there. Cant't see the tee shirt? It's under the sweater. Around her waist.

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