Saturday, May 1, 2010

Holy mother of all things scrumptious, that was some excellent guacamole.

We went to Lindo Machaocan for dinner tonight. Believe it or not, this was our first time out to a Mexican restaurant since we've lived here. I do not count the quick-serve, everything taste like refritos, fake cheese, bottled salsa Mexican places as restaurants. You may sit where that food is served but they do not employ 237 staff who all have personalized name tags every night of the week and have a guy who plays music for your entertainment.

Back to the point....the guacamole is made to your specifications table-side and it's worth the $8.25 and then some. It was the best guacamole that has every crossed my lips. Sorry Chipotle, you've now been rendered useless. I was hanging onto you for your chips and guac, but you've been trumped. We took notes as Manny crafted the green goodness. We will practice in our own kitchen. Research trips back to the restaurant are in our future. I am sure of it.

So while we were eating, someone rang a bell. A lady shouted, "Tequila!" Then a group of staff, one with a guitar, surround said lady and her friend's mother who was having her birthday dinner. The birthday gal was turning, oh, maybe 80. She got a fancy hat, a candle, and a shot of tequila. She took one sip and when the waiter asked her what it tasted like, she said, "It doesn't taste like water!" Then her daughter took it away from her. Later she tried to steal it back, but her daughter's friend, the drunk hyena, ratted her out.

Dear Mom,
When we are celebrating your 80th birthday, I vow to you, on this day, May, 1, 2010, that I will never take away your shot of tequila. You will have earned that shot of tequila. Hell, you have already earned that shot, and many more. In fact, let's drink some tequila when we see each other again. Mother's Day shots? Good? Good. I'll wash the shot glasses.
Love, Daughter.

I've covered the guacamole. The house-made salsa was also very tasty. Spicy, smoky, deep flavor. The tortillas were excellent. Fiona's chicken was like mom's chicken - little bites of browned salty chicken goodness. My chicken was fair but the sauce was outstanding. I lapped it up with everything I could dip into it. Anthony had the carnitas. Flavor was good but the presentation was unexpected - the meat was cubed. Not what he was expecting but since the leftovers came home with us it passed the taste test. Sadly, there was no guacamole left to bring home.

Fiona had been dancing along to the music in our booth through the whole meal. After our plates were cleared, I told her she could go dance in the area in front of the keyboard player. I asked him to play a good dancing song. So he played and sang Macarena for Fiona. She froze. He kept going and going and going.....staff danced in and out of the area.....she just stood and stared at the silly man singing and making goofy faces and trying very hard to break her stiff stance. Finally she started twirling.....and then she wouldn't stop twirling. I had to carry her out to the lobby where she was distracted by the rubber bouncy ball machine that charged a dollar (!) for a ball. It was a win-win. We got some good laughs, the entertainer got a tip, and Fiona got a bouncy ball.

On the way home from dinner, we passed Chuck E. Cheese. From the back seat we heard, "Hey....I just saw Chuck E. Cheese." Heads in the front seat spun right into action. What the? We've never mentioned that place in her presence - on purpose. How did she.......Nick Jr. is sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese. And there you have it. No commercials trick us into thinking we like this channel. Blerg. Our reaction? Dead silence. The war against product placement has officially begun.


Amy Leslie said...

Sounds delicious...drool. Please share the yummy guac recipe, I'm always looking to improve mine.

Leslie Bausher said...

I'm going to assume you went to Lindo Michoacan off Carnegie in Henderson. Not only is the food some of the best, the view is world class as well. Our Lindo on the west side is windowless -- still with good food tho!